Ekadasi Recipe – Sukhiyam (Crispy Sweet Rolls)

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Ekadasi Recipe – Sukhiyam ( Crispy Sweet Rolls)


Fresh Coconut grated    – 2 cups
Jaggery            – 1 1/2 cups (appx 200gms)
Elachi Powder         – a pinch
Cashew & Almond sliced     – 2 tbsp
Rajgira atta         – 1 cup
Ekadasi salt         -  a pinch
Ghee             – to fry

1. In a pan add coconut and jaggery saute the mixture in a moderate heat until the jaggery melts and get mixed with coconut. when it is dry add elachi powder, sliced Almonds and Cashew and keep it aside.
2. Take a mixing bowl add 1 cup of Rajgira atta, a pinch of Ekadasi salt mix it well with water to a thick consistency.
3. Now take that coconut mixture and make lemon size balls.
4. Dip those balls in the Rajgira atta batter then deep fry it in hot ghee.
5. Remove it when it is turned golden brown.

Now Sukhiyam is ready to Offer !!!  Please be careful not to offer hot !!!

This recipe is submitted by Smt. Revathi Bhaskar Mathaji.

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